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Mount Uhud is the largest mountain in Madina. It is situated in the north of Madina and it consists of a set of mountains that extends from the east to the west with a length of 7 kilometres. Its width is almost three kilometres, and it is at a distance of five kilometres from the mosque of the Prophet i.e. Masjid-e-Nabwi. Mount Uhud is a historical place that only serves to increase the beauty of Madina, which teems with the fragrance of history of Islamic.

Mount Uhud, in front of that the second battle in the history of Islam (the Battle of Uhud) took place in 3 AH. Of this mountain our beloved Prophet (PBUH) declared,

“This Mountain loves us and we love it.” [Sahi Muslim]

After the defeat in the Battle of Badr a year past, the Quraish of Makkah made preparations to gather a great army to fight with Muslims again and take revenge. They assembled an army of almost 3000 soldiers with 200 horses, 300 camels, and 700 coats of mail. Daughters and Wives and of chiefs in Badr accompanied the army to observe with their own eyes the sight of the killers being killed. Hind, the daughter of Utbah was the head or leader of the women section and her husband Abu Sufyan was the commander-in-chief of the army of Makkan . Both were non Muslims at the time and also bitter enemies of Islam. The left and right sides were commanded by Ikrimah ibn Abi Jahl and Khalid-bin-Waleed respectively.

The Prophet (PBUH) left Madina for the valley of Mount Uhud with army consist of 700 Muslims only. Unfortunately, Hamza (may ALLAH be pleased with him), was martyred in the same battle. He was killed by the weapon of Wahshi bin Harb.

Khalid bin Waleed saw the unexpected vacuum created by the disappearance of rearguard and his cavalrymen attacked on Muslims from behind, killing several in the process. When the Muslims saw themselves surrounded, they were overtaken by disorder and panic and failed to map out organized plan.

Mount Uhud relates to the well-known and famous historic Battle of Uhud that took place near the mountain of Uhud and in which the polytheists were champion and victorious during the second part of it. This was because of the fault that was committed by the Muslim archers, as they disobeyed the instructions and orders of the Prophet (PBUH), Who ordered them to stay and wait on the mountain to protect the backs of the fighters, but they came down because they thought that the battle was over. By retreating, the Prophet (PBUH) managed to secure His army from further losses; losses that had come about from disobedience of His orders. Disobedience had changed the Muslim victory into disaster, but with the help of ALLAH the Muslims were easily pulled back from the edge of catastrophe.

Because of the historical importance in Islam many pilgrim that go for Umrah and Hajj, visits Mount Uhud also.

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